Iron Gods

Beware of Flower

Session 7

After waking up the next morning, the party was still undecided on bringing Sanvil. Sure he would be a powerful asset, but Trelane was concerned about the “full party share” he would command. In the end it all came down to a dice roll, much like the night before, and the dice went against Sanvil. The party informed Sanvil of their decision and he seemed legitimately disappointed by their decision.

weedwhip.jpgReturning back to the brightly lit metal rooms, the heroes decided to explore the fungus growths. Soon the heroes found a room filled with a thick blanket of fungal matter coating everything. Rather running in blindly like they had so many times in the past, they actually took their time to scan the room for trouble. Sure enough within the growth they found a strange flower that didn’t look quite right. It almost appeared to be moving, like it was “checking out” the party somehow. Trelane supremely confident that a flower couldn’t possibly be much of a threat stepped through the door … and promptly gets nearly decapitated with the flower’s 15-foot reach!

After “tactically retreating” from the flower, which started to follow them, they regroup. Through a series of feints and attacks, they manage to kill the terrifying flower! All hail the mighty heroes!

Confident the room is clear of any other killer flowers they decide to explore the smaller rooms within lab. Within each room they find the remains of the group of Brigh worshipers who attempted to explore the ruins. The bodies, all human, appeared to have been arranged in sitting positions against the wall. The bodies themselves were riddled with fungus and split open from neck to belly.

Not wanting their possessions going to waste the party loot the bodies and move to the next room. Here the room has air which is unusually warm and moist, with a thick, pale vapor of mist clinging to the ceiling. Moist, thick-stemmed plants and vines grow out of long earth-filled troughs along the wall, while a tall column of plant matter extends like a tree trunk from a circular planter in the middle of the room to spread a network of vines across the mist-shrouded ceiling.

Vegepygmy.jpgCutting through the vines, the heroes are unexpectedly attacked by Vegepygmies! The heroes finally find creatures they can easily dispatch and promptly proceed to mow them down. After taking significant losses, the remaining Vegepygmies run into the hall to escape. The heroes quickly run after them and manage to surround the remaining Vegepygmies … but there is a door open to a new room and something is moving in there…

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