Khonnir Baine

Councilor Khonnir Baine is one of Torch’s more powerful wizards and a well-liked individual.



Khonnir Baine is a tall, clean-shaven man whose dark hair is graying at the temples. Since arriving in town with his daughter, Val Baine, several years ago, Khonnir Baine has built a successful business, shared new techniques for smelting and recasting skymetal, and even improved the town’s water supply. Despite repeatedly downplaying his contributions, Khonnir eventually found himself unanimously voted to the Town Council.

Because he is one of the town’s most learned leaders, citizens and fellow council members alike turned to Khonnir for advice when the violet flame atop Black Hill went out. His investigations led to the discovery of a heretofore unknown set of caves beneath Black Hill, accessed via a short underwater swim at the source of the Seven Tears. After several groups of investigators went missing, Khonnir led his own expedition into the caves, returning with reports of strange creatures and monstrous vermin. More worrisome, though, is evidence that the caves do indeed extend deeper in the direction of the extinguished flame. His recovery of a damaged robot from the caves further aroused fears and nervous speculation about the nature of what might be going on below the city. Khonnir returned to the caves for a second expedition, but hasn’t returned. The town has put up a sizable reward to recover Khonnir … dead or alive.


Khonnir Baine

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