Iron Gods

Run Away! Run Away!

Session 4


The heroes easily dispatch a first skeleton, and then another, and then another. But soon they are overwhelmed by more and more skeletons, and the attacks are furious. Through luck and guile, the trio manages to shatter the last of the undead, but not without going through a hefty amount of their healing potions.

With all of the horrors killed, the heroes start to explore this strange desert, looking for a vantage point to better survey their surroundings. They also notice a trail leading to the east, presumably one of the prior groups. The group follows the trail which winds through the desert, eventually leading directly into a wall of solid stone.

Before investigating the trail further the heroes decide to explore the remainder of the desert and better understand their circumstances. After wandering around for quite some time they manage to find a large chamber, littered with strange shell fragments and bits of bone. Along the walls they notice ancient cave paintings of four-armed humanoids and strange animals — but they notice a particularly unusual depiction that looks like an oblong shape burning into the sky above several kneeling four-armed figures dominating the prehistoric décor.

purple-tentacle-creature.jpgExploring deeper into the cavern, looking for treasures, the ground suddenly erupts, sprouting a huge purple tentacle creature. A confident Trelane steps up to attack the creature and hits with a solid swing … that does no damage. The heroes quickly realize they are way out of their league and swiftly turn to escape their certain doom. In the confusion of the retreat, Nim is hit by a tentacle and goes down from a single blow.

Franticly retreating through the caverns, with Nim being dragged like a rag doll, the tentacle monster gives chase, continuously swiping and narrowly missing the party. Only after what seems like an eternity, the creature gives up the chase, and the heroes finally get a chance to attend poor Nim, who appears to be barely clinging to life.

Quickly the heroes administer their healing potions and bring Nim back to consciousness. Nim is confused by the whole ordeal and suggests they camp out in the ruins and continue their search in the morning. Finding a suitable locale near the entrance, they lock themselves in, hoping for the best.

Luckily the night proves uneventful, and they manage a well-deserved rest. Stepping back into the desert, the trio decides to find the end of the trail once and for all. The follow the trail and after a closer examination of the cavern wall they notice a dull light shining from the wall, although no obvious source of light is apparent. After interacting with the wall, they manage to pass through the false wall and observe a familiar metal door.

Opening the door they are greeted by a metal room brightly lit by glowing panels in the ceiling above. To the left and right complex machine consisting of spiral tubes and nozzles twitch and hum. Either bravely or stupidly, Ezrik takes a bold step into the bright room … and instantly gets hit with massive electrical discharge. The party is using up their healing potions as quickly and they can purchase them…

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