Iron Gods

Pesky Gremlins

Session 3

gremlin.jpgThe heroes start hunting the gremlins within the narrow tunnels and find them in abundance … as well a load of spring-loaded spike traps. The gremlins pose no real trouble for the heroes, but are annoying nonetheless. They don’t hit very hard, but their small size and speed make them annoying adversaries. After finally dispatching the gremlin leader, the remaining gremlins teleport away, hopefully to never return.

As promised, Sef presents the heroes with a pouch containing 49 silverdisks and five strange cards made of a flexible, smooth material. Looking over the cards, the party notice that each of the cards bears a brown stripe. Sef confesses that she doesn’t know what they are, but the purple-haired lady asked them for any such cards when she first passed through. At the time the skulks had none, but the fact that she was looking for some was enough to convince her that the cards have value.

With the gremlins dispatched and Sef appeased, the heroes decide to investigate the metal wall. Smooth and dark gray the metal wall appears to bisect the cavern. Its expanse is pitted and scorched but quite solid looking. A strange circular opening pierces the wall five feet off the ground, allowing access to some sort of hallway on the other side.

However before venturing further the team decides to head back into town to restock — and restock they do! Significantly lacking in magical healing, the party purchase a half-dozen cure light wounds potions and rest for the night.

Returning to the skulk lair, the heroes enter the hole in the metal wall and discover a truly alien sight — a slightly curved hallway where the walls, floor and ceiling are made of a smooth dark grey metal, with panels of lighter material running along the ceiling eight feet above. Cautiously the heroes travel down the metal hallway.

At the end of the hall they encounter a door, brown in color. Putting two and two together, the party press the brown striped card against and door and, sure enough, the door slides open.

robot.jpgCautiously they continue past the doorway and find a robot blocking their path. It is similar to one they destroyed earlier, only this one appears to be fully intact. However the automaton doesn’t appear to be moving; it’s either inactive or “sleeping”. Either way the heroes decide to carefully maneuver past the drone and into the next room.

Continuing through several rubble-filled rooms they open a door that curves into a vast sand-filled cavern. A strange and disconcerting vista — that of a desert valley under a starless, night sky — the heroes aren’t sure what to make of this strange environment. Along the sand are bit of strange, spiky shells and contorted, dead fronds that look like branches.

Before they gave a chance to better survey the surroundings, one of the coral-like rock formations sprouts purple tentacles and attacks the party. The trio barely has time to deal with this bizarre creature when they are advanced upon by a small legion of skeletons rising from the sands — skeletons with four arms … and very sharp claws.

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