Iron Gods

Oh So Many Arms

Session 5

Ezrik’s initial encounter with the electrical charges is not totally wasted, as a pattern quickly becomes apparent. After timing the electrical shocks, the rest of the party pass through the passageway unharmed and discover a room filled with a large metal table surrounded by odd-looking chairs. A transparent wall looks out over a strange desert valley while dozens of crude images of a pickaxe made of skull and bones have been painted onto the walls with some sort of ivory pigment along with several phrases in an unrecognizable language.

Heutrath.jpgHowever it turns out the heroes aren’t alone and are facing a four-armed alien, carrying two vicious-looking swords. Confident of his growing magical abilities Nim casts Magic Missile at the alien … which promptly does nothing. Once again the heroes are to face a powerful foe.

The battle is long and bloody, and after barely surviving the alien’s many attacks (oh so many arms), the heroes survive and explore the rest of the rooms. Nim can understand the strange writing and after pressing a reset panel, a holographic projection of the habitat module flares to life. The desert now has a night sky and a gentle wind passes through the dunes. Whatever was affecting the dome appears to have been fixed by Nim.

Searching the nearby rooms, the heroes discover a few technological items including a new access card, a black card. And low and behold there is a nearby black door to use this card upon!

Opening the door, the group discovers a brightly lit room with a large metal desk with blinking lights and strange glowing panels. Splatters of dried blood stain the floor and walls near a pair of doors to the north, while here and there are patches of rust-red mold and fungus cling to the southern wall. Examining the panels they see garbled lines of scrambled Androffan text as well as flashes of strange creatures. Unsure what to make of the panels, they pillage the upright lockers nearby and find silverdisks, glowing silverdisks and a black tube that emits a bright light! They also find a small but heavy white box that doesn’t appear to have a means to open.

Sanvill_Trett.jpgWishing to identify their new loot, they head back to town and meet up the wandering merchant Sanvil Trett — a collector of relics and ores, and a well-known fence who deals in technological items. Excited to hear about the heroes’ discoveries, he helps identify the newly discovered technological items and offers to do so with any other items they might find. Sanvil also invites the heroes to dinner that night to hear all about their adventure, which they accept. Oh yes, and the heroes buy another ten cure light wounds potions.

After a night of rest, the party returns to the bright room and continue their search. Deciding between exploring the blood stains or the fungus the heroes decide for a change of pace and open the door with the bloodstains. Stretching before the heroes they see a curved hallway, marred with bloodstains along the floor and walls, while scorch marks and smears of ash cover the walls. Four tangled mounts of metal lie further up the hall, surrounded by strangely colored stains.

Whatever happened was obviously intense and bloody … good thing the heroes missed the action!

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