Iron Gods

Gamling, A Tax on People Who Are Bad at Math

Session 6

After carefully venturing through the bloody hallway, they find a room filled with a long table covered with unusual stones and dirt samples. Dust covers the room, save for a strangely clean swatch between the doors. In addition there is a swollen, brainlike bulb encrusted with fungal shelves squatting atop several ropy legs, with a wide mouth bisecting the bulb’s crown.

Seeing the party the strange fungus telepathically contacts them and bombards them with questions. “Who are you?” “Where am I?” “What is this place?” The creature is ravenous for information, which the party tentatively provides. However the questions go from inquisitive to weird when it asks if they have any more of the delicious red food that it licked up from the floor. Angry that they didn’t have more it lashed out at the party like an angry schoolchild … but in the end the fungus is the one who got schooled!

Garmen_Ulreth.jpgDeciding they had seen enough the heroes decide to head back to town where they find an invitation to Silverdisk Hall and vouchers for 100gp each. Eager to take their mind off the seemingly endless near-death experiences of the past few days, they head to the Hall, where they are greeted by the owner Garmen Ulreth. A garrulous man with a full beard and sparkling eyes, he wishes the heroes luck before disappearing into the back rooms.

With a twinkle in his eye Trelane plays a seemingly simple dice game — roll three dice and total the results. Whoever rolls the higher total, wins (with the house wining all ties). Confident in his gambling ability Trelane starts off small, and loses small. But soon Trelane is betting more … and then the house limit … and then above the limit. But yet he is always missing that high roll by one, and soon he Trelane has lost his bankroll.

Ezrik decides to try his luck and has a slightly better time than Trelane, but in the end he too loses his bankroll.

Supremely confident that Trelane can win back all of their lost gold, he commandeers Nim’s money … and promptly loses all of his money as well! Ezrik and Nim have to practically drag Trelane away from the tables before he starts to gamble their gear away.

Before they retire for the night the heroes once again meet up with Sanvil Trett to discuss their various technical finds over a free meal, which they solely need after their day at the tables. After an informative dinner, Sanvil asks to join the party, both to help them out as a formable magus and to add new technological finds to his wares. The party asks for a night to sleep on it and will inform him of their decision in the morning….

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